NOTICE : Kosova Hacker's Security Group, well known for cyber attacks, established in 2004 which has made big attacks against governments of the world , specially Serbia and always offering protection for their nation, preventing enemy attacks from affecting safety cyber Albanian territories, and organizing operations to which all have been successful, finally decided to take a cyber Initiatives to Ukraine, to provide support to Ukrainian citizens, during recent protests that have occurred in Ukraine, where many people were killed in Ukraine, by the Ukrainian police forces. Albanians have always been generous to help every person in need, and this makes us pure people. So we took that was initiated February 28 to attack the servers & websites of Ukrainian government, and show you that Albanians also are supporting citizens of Ukraine. KHS ~ PentaSec


Hello People of Ukraine!!!
We are Kosova Hacker's Security - Pentagon Crew
We are here to support your fight against the fascist regime that have ben for several years conditioned your freedom and your way of living, we are with you in this fight for freedom, independence and justice, and that we all together, be able to win.
We don't forget!
We don't forgive!
To the corruptwe have only one thing to say: Your time is out, you'll no longer opress the people! For the next days we will target all corrupt in Ukraine. For the opposition, we are watching, and we hope you really being sincery in this fight.

Members : Th3 Dir3ctorY ~ Theta.NU ~ IllyRianCyb3R ~ x106 ~ Acew0rm ~ M3GAFAB ~ Nitw0rM ~ Kjubi ~ BulkaHackers ~ IllyRianW ~ x-1337 ~ Rollin ~ UnlocKalboz - Unikc00deR - Asund3r. KHS ~ PentaSec
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